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About Lake Redstone

  • Lake Redstone is a man-made lake located in Northwest Sauk County, approximately 7 miles northwest of Reedsburg and 2 miles northeast of LaValle.  

  • It consists of 2,450 total acres including developement area and the Lake.  Construction of the lake started in 1964.  

  • Lake Redstone’s lake surface is approximately 612 acres, with 17 ½ miles of shoreline.  

  • Lake Redstone is approximately 3 miles long and approximately 36 feet deep in front of the dam.

  • Lake Redstone has 19,200 acre water shed to the north is mostly from Juneau County that fills the lake. In addition Sauk County has a share of the water shed.

  • The dam, located on the South end of the lake, has a top draw spillway; all excess water creates a cascading waterfall and flows into the Baraboo River.

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