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Shoreline Improvement 

2024(Yes 2024) Government Shoreline Reimbursement Programs

If you are thinking of making runoff/shoreline improvements to your property in 2024 and would like to be considered for a partial reimbursement from the DNR and/or Sauk County, you will need to contact Mitch McCarthy from Sauk County by OCTOBER 31ST of this year.  He can help you understand the application/approval/reimbursement process.  You can contact him at:

(608) 355-4836

Note that the new Lake Redstone Protection District Shoreline Improvement Reimbursement program takes effect in 2024 and does not require action in 2023. 

Reminder that a property owner can potentially receive reimbursement from all three sources (LRPD, DNR, and Sauk County).


Shoreline Improvement Reimbursement Program 2024


The LRPD board is pleased to announce the creation of a “Shoreline Reimbursement Program” for 2024.  Up to $2000 reimbursement to property owners in addition to potential grants from Sauk County and the DNR.

Shoreline Reimbursement Program

Shoreline Reimbursement Application



Shoreline Improvement Workshop 2022


The 2022 Shoreline Improvement Workshop is available for viewing:

  • Video Slides - Introduction - Brad Horner - LRPD

  • Video Slides - Sauk County Programs - Mitch McCarthy - Sauk County

  • Video Slides - Healthy Lakes Program - Arthur Watkinson - Wisconsin DNR

  • Video Slides - Landscaping Projects - Gonzo Valley Greenscaping


Resources presented at the 2021 workshop:

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