Upcoming Meeting Schedule

All meetings are at the LaValle Town Hall

unless otherwise specified

  • Regular Board Meeting - Tuesday June 8@6:00PM
  • Special Board Meeting - Tuesday June 10@10:00AM
What's New


Caution-Divers on Lake Redstone

Please use caution when boating on Lake Redstone during the week of June 14 to 19. Divers from Aquatic Plant Management, LLC will be in the water removing Eurasian Water Milfoil. They will be operating along the east shoreline of the main body of Lake Redstone. 

Please do NOT approach the dive boat with your boat. 


For questions or more information, send an email message to: Lrpd.board@gmail.com


Thank you for your cooperation!


Date Set For Shoreline Improvement Workshop

This workshop is relevant to any property owner but particularly relevant to those whose first 35 feet from the lake was rated Red or Orange.  If you have not requested the assessment of your property, and/or you want to attend the workshop, please contact lrpd.board@gmail.com

Date:  Friday June 25th from 2-4 pm.   

Location:  The La Valle Town Hall. 

Tentative Outline of Workshop:



•Explanation of the assessment criteria and reports

•Demo- Native plants runoff vs. grass 

•Review of the various shoreline improvement methods per the DNR Healthy Lakes Program.

•Review of the various shoreline improvement methods per the Sauk Co. Lake Cost Share Funding Program.

•Break Out Groups:  Property owners meet with landscapers and government representatives.

USEPA Survey of Reservoir Greenhouse gas Emissions


The US Environmental Protection Agency is studying greenhouse

gas emissions from reservoirs.  The study will sample 108

reservoirs over three years (2021 is year two). They will be on

Lake Redstone June 1 & 2.  On Tuesday they will deploy sampling

traps with anchors and buoys at around 15 locations.  They will

return on Wednesday to remove the sampling devices.  Please

avoid the orange buoys that will be placed in the lake for the

study.   For more information please see SuRGE.


If you have any questions, please contact us

at LRPD.Board@gmail.com,

Lake Redstone Swallow Bay Spillway Restoration

The Lake Redstone Protection District is seeking bids to restore the Swallow Bay Spillway on Lake Redstone.  Bids will be due on March 26, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. local time.  Please see the Bid Document and Bid Form for more information.
Meronek Meadows Repair

The Lake Redstone Protection District is pleased to announce the completion of the Meronek Meadows repair.  A single dirt berm was washed out and was replaced with 3 rows of gabion baskets filled with stones.  These baskets will allow water from heavy rain/flood events to filter through, trapping sediment away from the lake.  The LRPD Board has also received FEMA's approval for funds to assist in the Meronek Meadow's repair.  The final review  is now in the hands of the Wisconsin Emergency Management for their approval.

Zebra Mussels
With the large number of outside visitors coming to the lake this summer, we would encourage residents to be diligent in looking for invasive species as you remove your boats and docks this year.  A number of nearby lakes have zebra mussels.  So far, we have avoided getting these in our lake.

If you suspect that you have found these or other invasives, please contact the board at lrpd.board@gmail.com.


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