Upcoming Meeting Schedule

All meetings are at the LaValle Town Hall

unless otherwise specified

  • Board Meeting - Wednesday August 12@6:00PM
  • Annual Meeting - Saturday August 29@9:00AM     LRPOA Clubhouse - E4191 Pierce Rd, La Valle
What's New
August Board meeting will be Wednesday, August 12 at 6:00 PM due to the primary election at the Town Hall on Tuesday.
Please read the Water Safety Always Starts With A Life Jacket article published by the Wisconsin DNR.
Annual Meeting of the Lake Redstone Protection District
Because of the COVID pandemic, we changed the date, the place, and the format of our 2020 Annual Meeting.  We have postponed the meeting from August 1, as originally planned, to August 29th. Instead of holding the meeting at the La Valle Town Hall, where distancing would be difficult, we have moved it to the outdoor patio of the LRPOA clubhouse.  We have modified the agenda to limit the meeting to essential items so that it can be completed as quickly as possible.
At this meeting two commissioners will be elected to the board.  Biographies for the current candidates are enclosed.  Any other District property owner wishing to be a candidate for the Board should send a brief biography to Secretary Ken Keegstra at PO Box 313, La Valle, WI, 53941.  As always, nominations will be accepted from the floor at the meeting.
For more information, please review the 2020 Annual Meeting Information document, by clicking the button below.