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Upcoming Meeting Schedule

All meetings are at the LaValle Town Hall

unless otherwise specified

  • Regular Board - Tuesday May 2@6:00PM
  • Special Board - Thursday May 25@9:00AM
  • Take a Stake in Our Lake - Saturday June 3@9:00AM
Lake Redstone Prpoperty Owners Clubhouse​
E4191 Pierce Road in La Valle

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Take a Stake in Our Lake

The Lake Redstone Protection District, in cooperation with many organizations, is having a big event on June 3rd.  

Have questions or interest about any of these things?

- Ordinances and services in La Valle and on Lake Redstone
- Sauk County services and land use laws
- Fishing on Lake Redstone
- Water quality status and plans
- Social events and communications
- Government reimbursements available for property owners for water runoff improvement
- Department of Natural Resources services and laws
- Boating Safety Course and Certification (required for operators born after 1988)
- Cutting edge methods in use by farmers to keep their soil, manure, etc. in their fields and not in Lake Redstone

Whether you have been on the lake 2 weeks or 40 years, you will find something of interest at this event. There will be interactive demonstrations for youth!


2022 Survey Results

Last summer, the Lake Redstone Protection District conducted a survey of protection district taxpayers.  212 people responded. There were 15 multiple choice questions and two open ended questions.

A reminder that the LRPD focus is only water quality.  Topics such as boating rules, housing/property use, and fishing are not part of the mission of the LRPD.  However the survey results were shared with the DNR, Town of La Valle, Fishing Club, and Sauk Country representatives who were very interested in them.

Some of the questions on the survey were:

  • To what extent do you support or oppose the use of DNR approved chemicals for plant management in targeted areas?

  • How important to you are each of the various communication tools from Lake Redstone Protection District?

  • How concerned are you about the various issues listed related to water quality?


If you are interested to see what others think about water quality and related lake topics, please click on the following link to the 2022 Survey Results.  

If you have comments or questions you can send an email to the LRPD Board:


What's New


Shoreline Improvement Workshop

The 2022 Shoreline Improvement Workshop that was presented this summer has been recorded.  The videos and companion slides are available for viewing on the Shoreline Improvement Workshop page.


Annual Meeting Information

If you missed the 2022 annual meeting, a copy of the presentation is available on the Annual Meeting page.

Zebra Mussels

With the large number of outside visitors coming to the lake this summer, we would encourage residents to be diligent in looking for invasive species as you remove your boats and docks this year.  A number of nearby lakes have zebra mussels.  So far, we have avoided getting these in our lake.

If you suspect that you have found these or other invasives, please contact the board at


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