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Dredging Schedule Update 12/21/2019


The contractor wrapped up the dredging project by excavating additional sediment from shore at end of Arapaho Bay (bay 20). 5"+ of ice made dredging from barge unfeasible.


The contractor continues demobilization of dredging equipment from Lake Redstone.  The LRPD has emphasized the importance of reopening the boat landing for ice fisherman and snowmobilers for the winter.  The contractor has a fair amount of restoration (such as pavement repair, regrading sites, seeding, etc.) some of which will not be completed until next spring.

Dredging Update 12/04/2019


By now you have received your tax bill.  We have received several questions regarding the amount.  At the May 18, 2019 special meeting the electors voted 284 to 59 to proceed with the dredging project and a tax to be levied based on all taxable property within the District.  The estimated financial impact at the time was:

Item                                                                        Amount
Total Bid (Base & Alternate)                              $3,300,000
Contingency                                                           $400,000
Loan Amount                                                      $3,700,000
Financing Costs and Fees                                    $563,080
Increase in General Tax Levy over 10 years    $4,263,080
Annual Increase in the General Tax Levy            $426,308


At the November 5 board meeting, current financial estimates were reviewed.  Since costs are running near the expected bid amount, it was decided to request a levy amount of $391,950 that would cover payments on a dredging loan of $3.4 million The county board approved a one-time contribution of $200,000 in the 2020 county budget on November 12.  This was too late for us to adjust our tax levy request.  We did receive a Recreational Boating Grant of $74,829.27 from the Wisconsin DNR.  Our FEMA request is still being processed and we do not know what if any funding that will be received. Once these other funds are available, they will be used to lower the levy in future years. While the levy will be lower in future years, at the present time we cannot estimate how much lower it will be next year.

So, your tax bill is based on:

Dredging levy-------------------------------------------$391,950.00
Normal levy---------------------------------------------$59,400.00
Total levy -----------------------------------------------$451,350.00


This translates into a levy increase of $1.67 for every $1,000 of assessed value. 

Dredging Schedule Update 11/25/2019


The contractor has completed redredging the north end boat channel and Chickadee Bays.  We are waiting on the post dredge survey results for these and many other bays.  On Friday, November 22nd they moved unloading operations to a new site near the county F bridge.  

After that move, they started working on Bays 14‐C Killdeer and 14-M County F again.  They need to redredge Mourning Dove – Small and Cardinal.  They plan on completing all dredging by the first 2 weeks in December.

Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels to all.

Please review the updated schedule by clicking on the "Dredging Schedule Updates" button below.
Please review the updated "Dredging Aerial Map" and “Dredging Map Update 07/19/2019” to see what areas will be dredged and if your docks and lifts will need to be removed during dredging operations.



New Zealand Snail Alert

The Wisconsin DNR has issued an alert for an invasive snails fould in 2 Dane County streams.  Please see the Clean Boats Clean Water page for more information.