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Shoreline Improvement Workshop 2022

The 2022 Shoreline Improvement Workshop that was presented this summer has been recorded.  The videos and companion slides are available for viewing on the Shoreline Improvement Workshop page.

The Sauk County grant application 2023 lake shore protection projects mentioned in the video are due November 4, 2022.  Cost share funding is limited to 50% of the project cost up to $2,500. Eligible projects will be practices that reduce sediment loads that cause degradation of habitat and water quality of lakes in Sauk County.  The program includes a site visit, project design and construction supervision by Sauk County.  Contact Mitch McCarthy mitchell.mccarthy@saukcountywi.gov or 608-477-3192 at Sauk County for more information. 


2022 Annual Meeting

If you missed the 2022 annual meeting, a copy of the presentation is available on the Annual Meeting page.


What's New





Over 50 people have expressed interest in the next Shoreline Improvement Workshop.  This is in addition to the 56 who attended the workshop held last June.  Over 120 people have been provided the 2018 assessment of the first 35 feet of their property which was classified as green, orange, yellow, or red.


Clearly many people are interested in helping the lake by reducing runoff from their property which has a lot of nutrients regardless of whether you fertilize or not.  Research indicates that approximately 25% of nutrients going into the lake come from lakeshore property, contributing to reduced water clarity, sediment, unwanted plant growth, negative impacts on fishery, and the green color.  The standard shoreline improvement methods will be presented in the workshop. These also help improve aesthetics of properties and have a positive impact on property value.


Representatives from Sauk County, the DNR, and a local landscaper will be presenting including potentially economical methods to improve your shoreline and the government reimbursements available.  If you are interested in attending this workshop, which will be in La Valle Town Hall from 2-4pm on Friday July 8th, please send an email to lrpd.board@gmail.com

Lake Redstone DNR Fish Survey Update - May 16


The DNR will have an electrofishing boat on Lake Redstone tonight, May 16, as well as next Monday night, May 23.  Tonight they will have one sampling station that begins in Chickadee Bay and ends in Mourning Dove Bay.  The second station tonight starts on the east side of the lake down near the narrows and continues north along the main lake shoreline, and includes Cardinal Bay.

On May 23, one station includes a good chunk of the northeast arm of the lake, and the other station includes a good chunk of the northwest arm of the lake.  As usual we will be starting at dark.  The boat will have bright lights on the front and we will be moving at a speed of around 1.8-2.0 mph.



Lake Redstone DNR Fish Survey


The 2022 Wisconsin DNR Comprehensive Fishery Survey is the first such survey of Lake Redstone since 2010-11.  It will include the following activities:


Early-mid April: Spring netting period 1, target species is walleye.  Begins immediately after ice out and continues until sufficient numbers of walleyes have been marked with a fin clip.  When enough fish have been marked, the nets will be pulled out.  This netting survey may take 2-3 weeks depending on how quick the lake warms up to trigger the walleye spawn.


Mid-late April: Spring Electrofishing survey 1, occurs immediately after nets are pulled out.  Two DNR electrofishing boats will survey the entire shoreline of the lake at night.  The goal is to collect walleyes, but other gamefish will be sampled as well.  Fish are checked for the presence of a fin clip, and based on the numbers of clipped and non-clipped fish found in this survey, the DNR calculates an estimate of the number of adult walleyes in Lake Redstone.


Mid-Late April: Spring netting survey 2, re-deploy nets to continue sampling muskies, which are being marked with a small internal tag.  Muskies are being marked for the purpose of a population estimate.  Netting will continue until enough muskies have been marked.  This survey will likely be shorter than the first netting period, depending on how many muskies were marked during the first period.


Mid-late May: Spring Electrofishing period 2, one DNR electrofishing boat will be on the lake for 1 or 2 nights to sample bass and panfish.  Selected stations will be sampled, not the entire shoreline.


Annual Meeting Information

The annual meeting was held on Saturday, August 7 at 9:00 AM.  The information for the meeting is available on the Annual Meeting page.


Shoreline Improvement Workshop

This workshop was held on June 25, 2021.  The information presented is now available on the Shoreline Improvement Workshop page.

Zebra Mussels

With the large number of outside visitors coming to the lake this summer, we would encourage residents to be diligent in looking for invasive species as you remove your boats and docks this year.  A number of nearby lakes have zebra mussels.  So far, we have avoided getting these in our lake.

If you suspect that you have found these or other invasives, please contact the board at lrpd.board@gmail.com.