Shoreline Improvement Workshop

Workshop 2021-06-25.jpg

Fifty-six property owners attended a Shoreline Improvement Workshop on Friday, June 25th.  They attended to learn more about the assessment that had been performed on all properties around the lake, methods to address runoff and shoreline deficiencies, and reimbursements available from the DNR and Sauk County. 

Presenters included Dave Blumer, who spoke on the assessment process and native plants vs. grass for preventing runoff; Tom Onofrey, who spoke on the DNR's Healthy Lakes Methods Program, Mitch McCarthy, who spoke on the Sauk County Lake Cost Share Funding Methods and Program, and Nathan Ihde from Gonza Valley Landscaping, who provided insights into implementation of the DNR and Sauk County methods.

Other follow-up activities to the workshop are being considered.  Please direct questions, ideas, or comments to

Resources presented at the workshop: