Oct 4, 2018

Welcome to Flood Stories


The Lake Redstone Protection District (LRPD) is asking for your help.  In order to develop a plan to help protect people, property, and the lake, we are taking a survey of homeowners who were impacted by the flooding.

We are especially interested in how you were affected and your observations of where the water, soil, and sand came from that impacted your property.  If you have pictures of the problem areas, please send them. Include any comments and any suggestions for addressing the flooding problems for the future. 

Oct 6, 2018

Not sure you can help, our erosion is caused by a culvert that runs under Redstone Drive and dumps onto our property. During the storm the water and sand was unbelievable, and covered our entire driveway, patio and front yard and went right into the lake. We contacted the Town of LaValle in August and are waiting to hear back from them. We also filed a complaint with Sauk County in August, and have not heard from them either.

Oct 6, 2018Edited: Oct 6, 2018

Unfortunately this is beyond the authority of the LRPD. You will need to continue to work with the town and county. The purpose of this survey is for us to understand the water flow, so we can develop long term plans to protect the lake from future flood events.


Sorry but we cannot help you with this.

Oct 6, 2018

You asked where the water & sand came from.

Oct 6, 2018

If you can provide information on your location, more details on the problem and some pictures, the committee will include it in the long-term planning process.


Thank you for your help.